Friday, February 26, 2010

Chibi Usa...

When I was in elementary school my first anime was Sailor Moon. My friend who was like an older sister to me introduced it to me and it literally became a weekly ritual to watch. When I had hard times the show really helped me make it through a bad week.
Not only did I watch it, my friend created a fan fiction of Sailor Moon combined with Pokemon. Myself, her and her friends became the sailor scouts/princess of the planets. In my head this was my life.
I have always been an odd one, and always wanted to belong to another world.
I looked up to the Sailor Scouts and my friend.
The character though who I loved and connected with Chibi Usa or the english name Rini.
Pink was my favorite color and she was the youngest of everyone. I was the youngest in the fan fiction.

And I find out now as I have met other Sailor Moon fanatics most of them really didn't like her. I found it really weird, but everyone has their own opinion.

I found this youtube video, it is a very sad AMV (Anime Music Video) of no one caring for Chibi Usa. A lot of my childhood I felt this way so this brought up many memories. So I dedicate this blog to Chibi Usa (yes, an anime character), Sailor Moon, my childhood and my friend CJ.
This is what truly saved me!

I hope to cosplay her in her evil form and maybe an older version of her.

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