Saturday, September 25, 2010


As of right now my blog will be under construction... as you can tell in the title >.<
I hope to change the look and style. And add some pages!
Plus help run W♡NDERLUSTC♡MICS!

It a place where artist can submit their work and we the Wonderlustcomics Space Pirate will help promote them!
So for now keep an eye on them while I fix my site!

Pretty much I need to construct the HOME, BIO, ART, and Paiges (my space pirate identity...) pages!
SOOO MUCH TO DO! So little time T.T

Hope to see you all soon!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As my 2nd semester is wrapping up, I have been getting tons of work.
I have sooo much to post here, about all my latest art work and things I have been up to.

I am even making my own website for my Visual Computing class. All very exciting.

The life of an art student is crazy, exciting and fun!
Only a little over a week, and I have 4 months of summer.
When I get there I will update everything that I haven't yet to post.

Here is a snippet of the beginning of my website!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to Pooh Corner Memories!

It's been a while since I have posted, I have all sorts of stuff to write about...
But I just wanted to post this up...

I always love looking back on the things I had in my childhood. Especially the TV shows I watched.
Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite stories.
And I remember watching this puppet version of it, but I could never remember what it was called.
I was pretty sure it wasn't a dream, but you never know.
Then tonight something inspired me to look up on Wikipedia Winnie the Pooh, and see what information is on it.
I found out many new things I never knew about!
Then when I scrolled to the bottom to see what movies and tv shows there have been I saw the link for "Welcome to Pooh Corner" it sounded so familar. When I clicked it there it was! One of those shows I grew up on right before my eyes!
And I instantly found it on youtube!

Let me share my memories with you!

and look up more about Winnie the Pooh and the show if you are curious.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My adventure through....

During my Spring Break I will be taking an adventure in North Carolina.
It first started off with having to fly 2 hours in a plane.
When we were driving our rented car it started to smell like burning rubber and we had to go swap it.
Taking 2 hours to get to the hotel. And now I am going ready for bed.
Tomorrow I am cutting my hair where I got it cut before school started. It's a very strange cut so I don't trust anyone else to do it but them. Yes, I am coming all the way from the North down to the South to get my hair cut... sounds odd. Luckily I have an excuse, the 2nd half of this week I am spending with my brother who go to school here.

Not only am I getting my hair cut, I might finally get my tattoo!! I have been thinking about it most of the school year what I really want! I don't want to go into detail now, but it I really get it I will post a picture and explain the reason behind it!

Well I am off to sleep so I can wake up bright and early to get my hair all prettied up!

Alice in Wonderland the Tim Burton Experience

I didn't go to the premier showing, but I did get to enjoy the movie with friends. Which made the experience even better!!
We all dressed up and had fun!
I wore my Alice outfit from halloween, just didn't do the creepy version.

I absolutely love the movie! Tim Burton definitely brought his twist to the classic tale and made it gothic/romantic in it's own sense. My favorite character, even though its quite obvious, is Alice Kingsley. The actress is perfect and the character is really brought to life.
Of course I loved all the other characters, the one that I wasn't that found of was the door mouse. When I picture the door mouse... it is some what more... "drunk". But that is my ideal image of it, but everyone has their own opinions.
And the scenery is absolutely beautiful and breath taking. I really wish I could be like Alice and fall into a rabbit hole. Going through all the strange adventures of this magnificent world and fight the Jabberwock. Become friends with the maddest of people, since I am quite mad myself. My curiosity is strong, and it would bring me great pleasure to expand it into this world.
My imagination can run quite wild, but sometimes when you think and believe in the impossible it might become real!

So from now on I will think of 6 impossible things in the morning/before breakfast, and maybe one day they will all come true!
Maybe I should start posting everyday the 6 impossible things I come up with. Who knows...

It's a little stupid but I got one of those stupid chain mail text messages saying "if you send this it to 10 people your wish will come true." And in the back of my mind... I was like why not! It probably won't come true, but what the hey. If it comes true I will let you all know how Wonderland is ^.O

Well this is my little segment about the movie. Tim Burton is deff my favorite directors, he is truly a magician. The movie was incredible and I am going to see it a couple of times before it leaves the theaters. Totally pulling a Lord of the Rings 3 (aka when it came out in theaters I saw it 3 times).
Well tata for now! I am off to get lost in Wonderland.

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Youtube Account

I have created a whole new youtube account. I believe starting a new one will create new opportunities, plus for all my old embarrassing videos will be put to the past. This is more about the me now, Paige the Art Student! Though old habits never die, of course I will talk about anime conventions and cosplay!

So subscribe to it! Keep a look at all my creations! And what anime stuff I will be doing!

Though it will be similar to this blog, it's just a different approach!

This is my Wonderland.

Chibi Usa...

When I was in elementary school my first anime was Sailor Moon. My friend who was like an older sister to me introduced it to me and it literally became a weekly ritual to watch. When I had hard times the show really helped me make it through a bad week.
Not only did I watch it, my friend created a fan fiction of Sailor Moon combined with Pokemon. Myself, her and her friends became the sailor scouts/princess of the planets. In my head this was my life.
I have always been an odd one, and always wanted to belong to another world.
I looked up to the Sailor Scouts and my friend.
The character though who I loved and connected with Chibi Usa or the english name Rini.
Pink was my favorite color and she was the youngest of everyone. I was the youngest in the fan fiction.

And I find out now as I have met other Sailor Moon fanatics most of them really didn't like her. I found it really weird, but everyone has their own opinion.

I found this youtube video, it is a very sad AMV (Anime Music Video) of no one caring for Chibi Usa. A lot of my childhood I felt this way so this brought up many memories. So I dedicate this blog to Chibi Usa (yes, an anime character), Sailor Moon, my childhood and my friend CJ.
This is what truly saved me!

I hope to cosplay her in her evil form and maybe an older version of her.