Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland the Tim Burton Experience

I didn't go to the premier showing, but I did get to enjoy the movie with friends. Which made the experience even better!!
We all dressed up and had fun!
I wore my Alice outfit from halloween, just didn't do the creepy version.

I absolutely love the movie! Tim Burton definitely brought his twist to the classic tale and made it gothic/romantic in it's own sense. My favorite character, even though its quite obvious, is Alice Kingsley. The actress is perfect and the character is really brought to life.
Of course I loved all the other characters, the one that I wasn't that found of was the door mouse. When I picture the door mouse... it is some what more... "drunk". But that is my ideal image of it, but everyone has their own opinions.
And the scenery is absolutely beautiful and breath taking. I really wish I could be like Alice and fall into a rabbit hole. Going through all the strange adventures of this magnificent world and fight the Jabberwock. Become friends with the maddest of people, since I am quite mad myself. My curiosity is strong, and it would bring me great pleasure to expand it into this world.
My imagination can run quite wild, but sometimes when you think and believe in the impossible it might become real!

So from now on I will think of 6 impossible things in the morning/before breakfast, and maybe one day they will all come true!
Maybe I should start posting everyday the 6 impossible things I come up with. Who knows...

It's a little stupid but I got one of those stupid chain mail text messages saying "if you send this it to 10 people your wish will come true." And in the back of my mind... I was like why not! It probably won't come true, but what the hey. If it comes true I will let you all know how Wonderland is ^.O

Well this is my little segment about the movie. Tim Burton is deff my favorite directors, he is truly a magician. The movie was incredible and I am going to see it a couple of times before it leaves the theaters. Totally pulling a Lord of the Rings 3 (aka when it came out in theaters I saw it 3 times).
Well tata for now! I am off to get lost in Wonderland.

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